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Tegenungan Waterfall

For you who are adrenaline junkie, make sure you visit this waterfall, because its water discharge is quite huge. This is also the reason why Tegenungan Waterfall is visited by a lot of tourists from both local area and also overseas. Most foreign tourists who visit this waterfall are young people who want to feel the sensation of pumping their adrenaline.
Another attractiveness of this one of waterfall in Bali is its impressive natural landscape. Around the waterfalls are green trees and natural stones which are really relaxing for eyes and minds. There is also fun activity that you can do in Tegenungan Waterfall, such as jumping for the top to get the bottom of the waterfall. This extreme activity becomes the favorite activity for the foreign tourists. Before jumping, the visitors have to get to the top by climbing the rock hill in the side of the waterfall. But this extreme activity is able to be done only with guide and should not be done alone. It is for the sake of the tourists safety. For you who are not that brave to jump, you are able to swim while enjoying the breathtaking and natural view of the waterfall, which you cannot find in urban area. The landscape is also able to be used as the background for selfie or wefie. The tourists can visit Tegenungan Waterfall starts from 08:00 to 17:00 of the local time.

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